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Webroot 2011 Wins PC Magazine Editor's Choice

Posted by Alder Yarrow 01:50

wav_screenshot.jpgWe're thrilled to announce that our client Webroot has received 4.5 Stars out of 5 and the coveted Editors Choice award for their 2011 Webroot Antivirus with Spysweeper product, which sports a HYDRANT designed user interface.  The WAV 2011 was the only product to win this award this year, meaning that according to PC Magazine, it is the single best stand-alone antivirus software on the market.

The review, by Neil Rubenking, calls it "stunning" and praises the simple, intuitive interface, the fact that the software does most things for you, and the overall aesthetic of the software:

The new edition's user interface has been redesigned with a strong emphasis on simplicity. On-screen elements slide into place rather than snapping open a new view. If the product is performing perfectly, the main screen is a serene green with minimal detail. A gray screen with a yellow warning icon indicates the configuration isn't quite optimal--automatic scanning is turned off, for example, or a full scan has never been performed. A real problem--such as having real-time protection components disabled--turns the main screen scary red, but also offers a big "Fix Now" button to correct the error. Yes, other products use same green/yellow/red status scheme, but Webroot has kicked it up a notch, aesthetically speaking.

We conducted extensive usability tests with our Webroot partners to ensure that we were indeed simplifying the user experience. Our goal was to try to make a piece of software that never required any configuration by most users, and that would give them a clear sense of confidence when things were good, and easy ways to fix issues when things were dicey. Our testing made us confident in our approach, and we're thrilled that Rubenking has concurred.

Perhaps more importantly, all our work on the front end of the experience was backed up by superb efforts on the engineering team to make the antivirus, antispyware, and malware engine as good as it could possibly be.

When we started working with Webroot more than a year ago, we were impressed with the way the company had taken on the challenge of making customer experience a differentiator in a crowded commoditized marketplace, and we're ever so proud to see the first piece of those efforts hitting the market with such acclaim.

Read the full review in PC Magazine.

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