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Fixing the "On Hold" Experience

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lucyphone-logo.pngFile this one under, "Now why didn't I think of that?"

According to a recent article in the NY Times, one of the things that consumers hate most is being on hold for a long time.

Enter LucyPhone.Com.  Type in the number of the company you're trying to reach, and then your phone number.  LucyPhone calls you back and connects you to the company.  Once you've gone through the phone tree, you type a code and then hang up.  When a real human being picks up, LucyPhone calls you back.  No more sitting on hold listening to early 80's Muzak.

Brilliant customer experience.

Read the full article.

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Taking the Electric Car Public

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SAN CARLOS, CA - JUNE 30:  The Tesla Motors is...

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We'd like to offer our hearty congratulations to our former client, Tesla Motors, who went public today. Most people have heard of Tesla's fantastic Roadster, the all-electric sports car that can go from zero to sixty in under five seconds.  A long labor of love by a team of incredibly dedicated and talented people, the Roadster has completely revolutionized the U.S. automotive industry, and rekindled a flagging interest in electric vehicles.

In 2006 Tesla approached HYDRANT with a request for help in designing the touchscreen interface for the small Vehicle Display System (VDS) that would live in the dashboard of the car.  For anyone who has ridden in a Toyota Prius, this screen is the equivalent of the one in the Prius dashboard that displays battery status, energy conservation and usage, and more.

We had a lot of fun designing that interface and working with the team there at Tesla (almost as much fun as we had getting our test-rides in some of the first production prototypes of the car). We're just sorry we weren't persuasive enough to get the company to trade us a car for the work.  So sadly we'll have to save up and get in line like everyone else.

Now that Tesla is public, we hope that the market will continue to fuel, or should we say, power, the growth of this innovative company.

More information about Tesla from Google Finance: TSLA.

Check out the interface we designed.

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